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TripDizzy is an Australian songwriter and producer who loves to create experimental audio gadgets and beats.
"Reganomics🐸 FAKERARE"
Kane Mayfield, "the thinking man's rapper", is known for making music videos that blend AI and hiphop.
Sweet Respite
"Sweet Respite"
SharkAnthony is an award winning producer, who's known for his performances in the metaverse.
by Zarker
Dark Mask
"Dark Mask"
Oddcrow is a 3D modeler and animator. He blends classic sculpture with neo gothic 3D art.
Mushroom eye
of everything
"Mushroom eye of everything"
Pixelord is at the cutting edge of crypto art. He's known for his memes, AI art, and 90s esoteric works.
Shown Down #2/3
"Shown Down #2/3"
Abel Okugawa is possibly the most senior producer in the blockchain. He regularly makes cinematic scores.
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